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Why Microscale?

Why build in Microscale or Mid-scale Micro? We have a few reasons! 

Save Money: Building in mid-scale micro saves a ton of money... less bricks are required for the build, and they are typically smaller bricks that are cheaper than their larger alternatives. 

Save Space: Building in mid-scale micro also saves a ton of space. As mentioned above, the bricks are smaller, and pack a ton of detail into a small footprint. You can easily build an entire city on a small table or desk. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Save Time: Although the builds can be complex, mid-scale micro typically saves more time than traditional sizes since you're using less bricks and building smaller creations. 

Micro VS Mid-scale Micro: AFOL TV builds almost entirely in 'mid-scale' micro over microscale. What's the difference? A few things.... True microscale does not have ground-level detail such as micro figures, detailed vehicles, or much vegetation. While there are some amazingly detailed micro builds out there, we choose to build in mid-scale micro. Mid-scale micro allows for detailed vehicles, larger buildings with more detail, and allows for 'Microfigures' (small versions of LEGO's Minifigures)! 

We love building in this size, and we hope you do too! Almost all of our sets/ instructions are to scale at the mid-scale micro sizing, so they should all work together well if incorporated into a city. 

Happy building!