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6-Wide Ambulance Parts File

6-Wide Ambulance Parts File

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    • Built to Minifig-scale! 
    • Swap colors to make the truck customized for your city! 
    • Age 16+
    • Add a Gurney! Click here 
    • Designed By: @AFOL.TV
    • 325 Pieces Required 
    • **This purchase is for the parts file ONLY, all instructions can be found for free on YouTube using the link above^**


    Instructions are easy to read, use visuals, and follow normal building steps just like real Set Instructions! 

    Your purchase is delivered via email with a link to download the files, no shipping required (please download on desktop or laptop computer)! Each download includes a PDF Instructions File, and a Parts File for easy ordering from 

    Logos & Stickers can be made following these tips

    No bricks are included - only digital instructions - but ordering parts is EASY! We don’t sell parts, it’s cheaper for you to source your own. Each download comes with a file, which can easily be uploaded to to order the exact parts you need. This saves time, money, and allows you to buy the exact parts needed for the build. Each PDF Instructions also has a parts list at the beginning. Click here to upload to Bricklink. 

    Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate for the cost of bricks as it is different for everyone, and part costs fluctuate daily. It depends on where you live, taxes in your area, shipping costs to you, if you buy new or used parts, what parts you already have, how many stores you buy from, etc. Keep in mind, the larger the part count, the more expensive the build will be.

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